are you currently studying fashion at parsons ny?


No, Design & Management

This new face wash is so freaking refreshing. It was definitely not lying on the label.
Feels like a ice cold water constantly splashing on my face.


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I need this for my dorm.

“#Dumblr Don’t ever buy anything you see on Tumblr. You will end up looking like the 5th Back Eyed Pea. I’m pretty sure these are both from the Great Gatsby x Skrillex collection, but I thought that wasn’t dropping until 2017.”
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Post-Hurricane Sandy

Think I’m going to be wearing a hat for the rest of the week until hot water comes back…
I feel like my hair is so dirty even without washing it 1 day so far.

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  • Expectation: Dress up everyday in winter
  • Reality: Fuck this, Ima wear the same thing everyday.

The subway ride back to Union Square was very fresh tonight. It wasn’t that, I haven’t ridden it the past week, but the new kind of solicitors on it.Usually there are African American men/women that beg on the train by giving a grand speech about their hardship and homelessness, but tonight it was different.

The guy came on with a big black luggage explaining his current hardship and homelessness, but he changed direction and started talking about the upcoming election in 3 days. He asked all the white people to raised their hands if they were going to vote for Obama. He was preaching how good people always get assassinated (Lincoln, JFK, etc). I thought it was very warming (dont ask me why, lol), but most of the content I personally found was incorrect and was a conspiracy.

The second group were 2 people. At first I thought they were begging, but then they were actually homeless people that were volunteering to pass out food (sandwiches/juices) throughout their travel to homeless & hungry people. Pan and I donated a couple bucks for them.

Tonight’s subway ride was something new…

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